It is indeed an extraordinary honor to serve as the interim president of the ACPS after the privilege of serving two terms as the publicity director of the association since 2018. 

As many of you are aware, the history of the ACPS is a history of dedicated efforts and contributions from generations of China scholars in the United States and around the world. The nomination of me for the position of the ACPS interim president came at an unexpected time, to say the least. Nonetheless, my decision to accept the nomination is made out of a grateful heart to return for the invaluable intellectual exchange and opportunities I received from the ACPS in the past as a long-term member, my confidence in the current board filled with dedicated board members with steadfast commitment to serve, and my shared vision with all previous ACPS presidents to advance the excellence of scholarship in the field of Chinese political studies. I have always been proud to be an ACPS member and, now, I am prouder to serve the association in the capacity as interim president. 

While the Board of Directors will meet soon to kick off the planning of our next annual meeting during which an election of new/returning members of the ACPS board and president will take place, we would like to ask you for your patience and support along the way. We are here to serve you. And you, the ACPS members and friends home and abroad, are the past, present, and future of the ACPS.

Look forward to meeting many of you at future ACPS events!

Warmest regards,

Xi Chen

Interim President, Association of Chinese Political Studies