President’s Message

Gregory J. MooreIt is a privilege and an honor to serve as president of ACPS for 2020-2022, and I look forward very much to serving in this capacity for the next two years. I attended my first ACPS conference in Las Vegas in 1997 while a PhD student from the University of Denver. The meeting was mostly in Chinese in those days and I remember meeting many lao pengyou and making new friends there and in subsequent ACPS meetings/events, forging many friendships and professional relationships that have stood the test of time. ACPS has played a great networking and career advancement role in my own career as a political science and Sinologist and I am looking forward to helping others benefit from ACPS as I have done in my career.

I start by thanking Jessica Teets for her great service (and fine example for me) as ACPS president the last two years. Her professionalism and deep commitment to this organization has been moving, and this was true even before her term as ACPS president, speaking here especially of her service with ACPS’ Journal of Chinese Political Studies. Thanks are also due to Sujian Guo for his dedication and continued hard work on the journal, making it one of China Studies’ leading journals today. I also want to thank the ACPS Board for their work the last two years and for their agreement to continue to serve going forward. We couldn’t keep the ship afloat without them.

Covid will continue to present us with some challenges and we may need to continue to make some adjustments to the work of the organization and any plans for the management of future meetings/events/initiatives in coming months, but the importance of Chinese political studies and the importance of a US-based but global organization dedicated thereto is more important than ever, particularly as we consider the poor state of China-US relations at the moment. I would hope that we can continue to keep the organization’s high standards over the coming two years, despite restraints placed on us by Covid.  The Board and I are still in discussions about what we might do regarding what would normally be our early summer conference in China, which would normally be held this May or June.  It does not appear realistic to hold it in face-to-face form this summer (when it would normally be held) given Covid restrictions, but we will try to see if there is a way to hold a face-to-face meeting in China or Greater China in 2021.  I have presented to the board the idea of holding the next ACPS annual meeting in Denver in the fall of 2022, perhaps co-hosted by my present institution, Colorado Christian University, and the University of Denver.  I’ve spoken to my old friend and mentor Zhao Suisheng and he is amenable to the idea as is CCU.  Stay tuned for more information about that down the road.

I look forward to working with you to push forward the important work of the Association of Chinese Political Studies in 2020-2022, and thank you in advance for your support and welcome your thoughts ([email protected] or [email protected]).  Best wishes and thanks,

Dr. Greg Moore

President, Association of Chinese Political Studies