Report on the ACPS-China Foreign Affairs University October 2011 International Conference

Between October 21-October 23, the United States (US) Association of Chinese Political Studies (ACPS) and the Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU), held an international conference entitled “China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) 10 Years Later: China and the International System” at the Fragrant Hills Empark Hotel, Beijing, China.
This timely and stimulating conference attracted around 40 participants from four continents.  Presentations were given by academics, doctoral candidates, and researchers associated with international organizations, research centers, and universities based in Australia, the Chinese mainland, France, Japan, Taiwan, and the US.  WTO related papers covered topics as China and the WTO TRIMS Accord, China’s negotiating behavior in the WTO Doha Round, China and intellectual property rights, China’s entry into the WTO and Sino-American relations, and China’s identity change in the process of China’s participation in the WTO.  Other presentations delved into topics such as bilateralism and multilateralism in China’s approach to Central Asia, China’s FTA participation, the practice of engagement with Chinese characteristics, the changing ideological sources of Chinese foreign policy, and China’s embrace of globalization.
ACPS President Jean-Marc F. Blanchard (白永辉) and CFAU President and former Ambassador to France Zhao Jinjun (赵进军) gave opening remarks for the conference.  At the conference banquet on October 22, Dr. Qin Yaqing (秦亚青), Professor and Executive Deputy President CFAU, gave a keynote speech addressing the security situation in the Asia-Pacific Region with a focus on China-US relations.
At the conference closing on Sunday, October 23, ACPS President Blanchard expressed his appreciation to Dr. Wang Fan (王帆), Professor, Director of the Institute of International Relations, and Assistant President, CFAU; Dr. Zhu Liqun (朱立群), Professor and Vice President, CFAU; and Dr. Lu Jing (卢静), Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations CFAU, CFAU staff, and CFAU students for their support and contribution to a smooth and successful conference.  He also announced various upcoming ACPS activities.
An intimate dinner for ACPS members remaining after the conclusion of the conference was held on Sunday, October 23 and hosted by ACPS President Blanchard
Respectfully yours, Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Ph.D.